About Newfield

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Newfield Dairy opened its farm doors to the public on the 19th Decemeber 2011 in the form of a bespoke Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe. When you combine the stunning views of Nottinghamshire, a friendly team of helpful staff and the best homemade ice cream for miles around (in our opinion anyway) it’s no surprise that the Parlour and Cafe has been such a huge success.


Better still Newfield is all about the family. Newfield Dairy had been a thriving Dairy farm for many years in the capable hands of John and Anne Pogson, when the decision was made to diversify and expand in 2011. With the help and support of the family, in particularly from their daughter Carmen Pogson (who now manages the business) and her partner Adrian, the land alongside the Dairy soon transformed into the Parlour and Cafe it is today.


With every little detail considered, the Ice Cream Parlour and Cafe was designed and created to ensure that everyone and everything was catered for. Ample on-site parking, wheelchair access, bike racks for cyclists, a tractor themed playground, toy box for the little one’s and even a bowl of water for the pooches outside. Our consideration doesn’t stop there! We also pride ourselves in offering award winning gluten free triple chocolate brownies, gluten free bread, decaf tea and coffee, a skimmed (skinny) milk option for all our milk based drinks to name a few.


As all our ice cream is made fresh onsite in the production room by our trusty creator Karen, we know exactly what goes into our ever-changing 150+ flavours. Each time you visit the parlour you will be amazed by the variety and range we have to offer. From Banana and Butterscotch to Bubblegum, Lemon Meringue to Liquorice & Elderflower, Fudge to Florentine, Turkish Delight to Tiramisu and Snickers to Strawberry…. and that’s just the ice cream! The list continues with our dairy free homemade sorbets.


Newfield Dairy Raw002But wait….Don’t be fooled into thinking we are simply an Ice Cream Parlour, our customers are always pleasantly surprised by the delicious dishes that our chefs produce. Our varied menu offers a delectable selection of sandwiches, baguettes, jacket potatoes, homemade burgers and our much loved Farmers Fuel All Day Breakfast (with a vegetarian version too!)  Alongside this, we have our seasonal specials from salads to stews and pies to potato skins, not forgetting our popular and ever-changing home made quiche and soups. We also have lots of vegetarian options too!

We are so proud of what we have created here Newfield and the friendly team look forward to sharing some of the Newfield magic with soon!

Newfield Dairy